Missing Animal Response Network has very helpful tips on what to do immediately if your dog or cat go missing. Be sure to read them!

Recovery Services

Lost Pet Services

Wandering Tails Pet Recovery specializes in lost cats.  Here are some suggestions for owners to follow immediately if your cat has just gone missing. Avoiding mistakes in the beginning will increase your chances of getting your cat back home quickly.  Contact us for a consult to further help in your search!

For Indoor Only Cats or Displaced Cats - For these cats, it's important to take into consideration their personality and fearfulness and to remember that they tend to hide once they become lost. Resist the urge to call out to your cat. It would be better to search your property and the properties closest to you very quietly. We don't recommend walking thru heavily wooded areas, or leaving used cat litter outside. 

If you see your cat, be patient and try to lure them out of their hiding spot. Don't grab or scare them from this spot. 

For Outdoor Access Cats - It's important to act quickly in case your cat has ventured further from home or is trapped on a neighbor's property.  Knocking on doors, hanging signs and searching your area are all important steps to take. 

Found Pet Services

Please use the Contact Us form prior to paying for a consult to be sure we can assist you promptly.  We will send you an email with available consult times. 


It's important to contact local shelters when your cat goes missing, especially for outdoor access cats and cats that do not have a microchip or collar. The MSPCA receives found cats from all over, so be sure to check their page out as well as your local shelters!


Wandering Tails offers a wide range of services to help you recover your lost pet. Our phone (or email) consultations provide lost pet owners the knowledge to begin their search properly and quickly. During consults we discuss lost pet behavior and how your pet's personality and prior experiences influence their behavior while missing.  By the end of the consult, you will have a plan on how to recover your missing pet. We can also provide the tools to do so, with cameras, traps and posters.  In some cases we are able to also assist with physical searches within a 20 mile radius of Boston.  

Wandering Tails also offers services to people who have found an animal and are unsure what to do next.  We can help make sure they find their home.

To schedule a phone consult and begin your search, or to inquire about any of our services, please use the Contact Us link above and fill out a request form.

At no cost to the "finder", Wandering Tails can assist in locating the owner of a found animal. 

A lot of people think that an animal they find is feral, stray or abandoned and often that is not the case.  Wandering Tails is working towards increasing the number of pets that are claimed at our local shelters and animal control facilities. 

Please use our Contact Us form for assistance.

Phone Consults

What to expect:

  • Consults are scheduled and last for about one hour 
  • Individualized search plan for your pet
  • Education on lost pet behavior and trapping 
  • Map with search area 
  • Info on effective posters

After the consult:

  • Follow up to provide further support throughout your search
  • Info packet on your search plan and detailed steps on continuing your search
  • Options for On-Site services are available to further assist in your search for additional fees. These may include:

                          design, printing, distributing flyers

                          design, printing, hanging posters

                          physical search of the area 

                          on site setting up of cameras, traps 

                          equipment rentals

                          design and printing for mailings

                          posting on social media and other websites

The cost for a Phone Consult with follow up phone and email support is $85.00

Additional Services:

  • "lost" posters for sale - can be dropped off or shipped