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Found Pet Services

Recovery Services

At no cost to the "finder", Wandering Tails can assist in locating the owner of a found animal. 

A lot of people think that an animal they find is feral, stray or abandoned and often that is not the case.  Wandering Tails is working towards increasing the number of pets that are claimed at our local shelters and animal control facilities. 

Wandering Tails offers a wide range of services to help you recover your lost pet. Pet Recovery  phone and email consults are available as well as physical searches within a 30 mile radius of Boston.  We have one dog, Zeeva, that is a trained cat detection dog, and is available for searches.

Wandering Tails also offers services to people who have found an animal and are unsure what to do next.  We can help make sure they find their home.

To schedule a phone consult or inquire about any of our services, please use the Contact Us link above and fill out a request form.



Phone consults - 45-60 minutes  

with follow-up calls and emails    $40.00

Additional Services:

  • "lost" posters for sale
  • flyers
  • postering
  • physical search - lost cat
  • on site support - lost dog
  • shelter checks
  • equipment rentals
  • mailings
  • social media