Wandering Tails Pet Recovery works in the Boston, Massachusetts area to help families find their missing pets.  We also provide phone consultations nationwide. 


If your pet has recently gone missing, contact us to determine what services are best for your situation.

A phone consult is a useful tool to get your search started.   

At Wandering Tails we believe that regardless of a family's financial situation they should have access to the necessary supplies to help them find their lost pet. Donations to the Wandering Tails Pay It Forward program will provide posters, flyers, batteries and other materials to families to help them bring their loved ones home. 

Pet Detective Services to recover your lost dog or cat.

Thank you to the families of these kitties and so many others for helping families in their search!

We Can Help!

About Us

Found a pet?

Amy Simione-Garbarino was trained in 2014 as a Missing Animal Response Technician and is a K9 Handler Charter Member with the Animal Response Network. Amy has helped hundreds of pets get home as a Lost Pet Consultant for Missing Pet Partnership and since starting Wandering Tails Pet Recovery in 2014.  Amy volunteers with local rescues, and continues her training in trapping and animal welfare. 

Did you find a dog or cat that you would like to help get home?  Please contact us for assistance.